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The 3 Hardest Things About Travel

Travelling to a new and unknown place is one of the best adrenaline rushes. From scrolling through Instagram and Google Images of what your destination looks like. To envisioning what the air will smell like and the people will sound like is a dream for most people who love to travel. But there is also a dark side of travelling, getting to those new unique destinations can be a harrowing journey full of faulty transportation, loud babies, and horrible food. I’ve had my fair share of incidences while traveling and thankfully have learned my lesson, but I will share with y'all the 3 hardest parts of travelling #TravelGoals.


Airplanes are magnificent creation. The ability to transverse the whole world while sitting down is a miracle and one that I am thankful everyday for. But AIRLINES are a different story. I mean from searchingggggg for a flight that doesn’t cost the same as your rent price and car note, to having to pay for checked luggage, food, and water and you flight end up being leaving late, arriving late, and/or being cancelled all together. It brings me back to a time when I had a layover in Orlando after coming back from Jamaica. The airline was playing with us, initially had us on the plane without A/C for over an hour, to then informing us that a critical piece of the plane was malfunctioning, to deboarding us while we waited patiently, to cancelling the flight altogether because the pilot and flight attendants shifts were up. The icing on the cake was that they classified this as a “weather related cancellation” so they were refusing to give out food and hotel vouchers as it was not their problem. Thankfully after about 2 hours of negotiation they ended up putting everyone up for the night. But it's times that like that when you wish you could just be home or question why did I leave my house.

Currency Exchange

If you a Type A individual this probably isn't hard for you, but I am a procrastinator who for some reason waits till the last minute to exchange money. Since you have to plan in advance with my local back to receive foreign currency, I doesn’t always work out. I’ve since found a wonderful online bank that does not charge any atm fees when I travel overseas and I can just automatically withdraw cash from any ATM available. But prior to that I was taking USD out and trying to find the best deal to exchange my cash. It always seems a bit hectic when trying to find the best way to exchange your currency. The internet is shouting at you: Don’t use the airport exchange, don’t exchange at your hotel or store, find a affiliate international bank that your local banks works with, don’t carry cash, don’t use a debit card to make purchases, etc. For me I like to keep things simple, I want to have cash on me as a lot of places that I travel the vendors don’t take a debit or credit card, and I want to have access to two lines of money: an emergency credit card and my travel fund. Getting to this point of knowing how I handle my money while travelling took me a while after getting ripped off at a UK airport (going from euros to pounds) and seeing that I screwed myself over with those fees, I vowed to make it a priority to reduce the amount of fees that I’m paying while traveling.


I know this is some peoples favorite part of the trip. For me, I enjoy putting together an itinerary for my trips and for other people who are travelling. But planning is hard for a lot of people because there is so much to do but so little time. From planning your transportation to and from location. To finding enough time to see the sites and leaving enough time to rest or explore on your own. To finding a good hotel whether it be luxury and relaxing or in the center of it all. To find where the tourist traps are and avoiding them. To finding where the locals hang out or finding the best food spots. It can be overwhelming and stressful for a lot of people.

And those are 3 of the Hardest Things About Travel I know there are many other things that frustrate travelers but the gift of travel and exploring honestly outweighs all of these things! Are there any irritating or hard things about travel that frustrate you?

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Oct 10, 2021

Good reading youur post

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