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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Black Travel Worldwide Travel Community! As we build this travel community, I'd like us to start creating discussion and sharing opinions, suggestions, travel advice, etc. To start it it off I will be throwing out topics and questions we can discuss! For right now, every week, I'll introduce a new topic. Please feel free to comment and share your opinion.

TODAY'S TOPIC: Do you believe the U.S travel advisory and warnings hinder or help shaping your travel experience? Do you believe travelers should take these warnings with a grain of salt or should it dictate where they go and don't go? If you believe travel warnings are helpful, why do you believe so? If you believe travel warnings are a hinderance, why do you believe so?

We welcome EVERYONE'S opinion here. It is okay to disagree, that it what creates healthy discussion. It is NOT okay to disrespect someone regardless of their opinion. We respect everyone's opinion, views, and beliefs. NOW DISCUSS!

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