• We curate unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that combine relaxation with immersive in local culture. Our travel experiences give you time to relax on your vacation, whether it's laying on a beach or going to a spa, while also experiencing the local culture and learning from the people around you. We want all of our clients to experience their chosen destinations in a way that they would have never imagined. We want them to take back something from their trip, whether it's a lesson, a recipe, local souvenir, a new perspective, a new experience, new outlook on life, etc.

  • We provide you with a one on one, personalized experience, that you can’t get when obtaining travel through online travel websites.

  • We provide reliable 24/7 customer service, as our clients are and will always be the number priority.

  • We are passionate about traveling and learning about new cultures, perspectives and ideas and that makes us passionate about giving our clients an opportunity to do just that. And because you put your trust in us our main goal is to ensure you fully enjoy your trip!

  • We have 5 years of experience traveling the world, with Aleah and Kiera visiting a combined 22 countries.

  • We have access to special travel deals that you may not find with our competitors, and if you happen to find a better deal, we have the ability to price guarantee with select vendors.

What makes us different?

Benefits of Using a Travel Professional

  • You'll get one on one, 24/7 customer service with a live agent, who is already familiar with your trip details and prepared to help you with whatever may arise before, during and after your trip. We don't forget about you once the trip is paid for. No hard to reach customer service agents or automated sequences. We are here to help you through the entire process.

  • The common misconception that it cost more to book travel with a travel agent is often debunked by the fact that professionals have access to special deals, perks, and rewards that you certainly won't find online. We have also have access to a variety of suppliers and vendors with unique and one of kind travel experiences. So not only are you getting the best bang for your buck, you're getting access to trips that can't be found just anywhere.

  • Travel professionals often come with tons of travel experience, whether they've traveled to several destinations around the world or have experience working in the travel industry, which they will use to help you plan the best trip you've ever taken. Your travel agent is an invaluable resource that you have at your complete disposal. Use this experience to your advantage. 

  • You'll have complete control over your trip, without having to deal with the tedious details that come with planning a trip, especially if you're planning a group trip. Planning your next trip doesn't have to be frustrating and exhausting. Instead of spending time researching every little detail for your trip, a travel professional handles all the details for you, from airfare to ground transportation to excursions and everything in between. You just pay, show up and enjoy yourself!