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Travel: A Right or Luxury?

Why is it that we consider traveling a luxury? And should it even be considered as such? We've gone from being a nomadic society to a stagnant society, that considers traveling, a luxury for who can afford it. And for those who can't or have no access, they just don't get to experience the wonders of the world. How is that fair?

In today's society, people tend to push off traveling and taking vacations because of work or not having enough time or when they do travel it is solely because of work. Either way, we are taking for granted the beauties that are present on every part of this planet. Rarely, do people take enough time to remove themselves from their comfort zone and experience something new. My goal is to change that and help people pick their heads up from their books and get in touch with reality. Our little bubble is not reality, its only our perception of the world and it's important for us to be removed from our little "reality" and connect with the people, creatures, things, environments, etc around us, because there are so many other perceptions of the world that we know nothing about but can learn from. For example, me as a New Yorker living in America, I have a certain perception of the world, but if I encountered someone born in Africa living in Africa, I'm sure they'd have a different perception of the world from my own. It is the way we come together in unity despite these different perceptions of the world that is a true reality.

We also fail to realize how the cost to travel is hindering so many people from actually taking the chance to travel. You have to worry about airfare, hotel, food & drinks, etc just to explore the world. And it's not exclusive to just international travel, there are so many people who haven't even been outside of their state, or even worse their own neighborhood. Taking from Mark Twain, imagine the amount of wholesome well-rounded and educated people we would have if everyone wasn't designated to a corner of the earth and told to stay there. We must make travel accessible, because it is more than just a vacation or business trip. Having the ability to explore the world and encounter things that are unfamiliar to you is character building and the perfect environment for growth. Traveling is the ultimate lesson for humans, because we get to learn from what we see. The world is a classroom and everything you see and encounter is a lesson. For these reasons, travel should not be considered a luxury, it should be considered a right of every human to freely move around and explore this planet, since it belongs to all of us.




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