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My Top 5 Travel Essentials

Even though I feel like I’m no longer an amateur traveler (I’ve been on too many flights to count) packing has never been easy for me. Between forgetting something important or over-packing and having to drag a heavy suitcase through the streets of Europe I’ve done it all. But there are couple items that I could never leave at home and are a must to pack.

  1. Travel Size Power Cord

This is my number one item that I must bring on any trip that I go to. If I’m travelling solo or with a group there are never enough outlet for all my gadgets. Between my phone, my camera battery, my computer, my Bluetooth headphones and any additional gadgets I have it feels like I’m constantly charging something. It always nice arriving at the airport and instead of fighting with people with the airport outlets I can always offer to hook my power cord up to the plug and 3 other people can charge their electronics or everyone in your travel group can equally charge their items.

2. Poo-Pourri

This is a must for me if travelling with a group or staying in a hostel! Everyone can use the bathroom in peace without worrying about blowing it up and making the hotel room uninhabitable. If you are a nervous pooper, sometimes your intestines don’t agree with you in the most public of places. Poo-Pourri helps eliminate the need for you to excuse yourself and find a completely empty bathroom to handle your business

3. Water bottle

Honestly this should be higher on the list, traveling with a water bottle is an essential part of traveling for me. I think back to the time I did not have a water bottle accessible to me as I was horrendously sick in a hostel in Valencia, Spain. I had to get my fever -ridden delirious self up and out of my bed, down to the street, and walk a couple blocks to find a store that was open and buy a large bottle of water. I’m still not sure till this day how I made it there and back but since there I’ve never forgotten to travel with my bottle. I also recommend to get a bottle that has a clip on it so that you can clip to your backpack and you don’t have hold it the entire time.

4. Packing Cubes

We’ve touched on the importance of these before, but I cannot stress enough how much using these changed the way that I travel and pack. From being able to keep my clothes organized and packed away through out my trips is a lifesaver and cuts down on the time that I have to pack and repack especially when travelling to multiple different places.

5. Travel Belt

This is probably the most used item that people don’t know I have. I use this especially when I travel solo. I love people but I don’t trust them, so I like to have my passport, money, and cards on me when I fly. Once I get to destination I will secure it, but until then I don’t feel comfortable having everything that I need in one location like my backpack. This travel belt fits securely underneath any item that your are wearing and if you're like me and wear layers nobody will know you have it on your person.

So that completes my list for My Top 5 Travel Essentials. These are things I found work with my travel style and I figured out that I needed them through trial and error. I always on the lookout for new things that I could use that can make travel easier, safer, and more pleasurable. Let us know in the comments what your Travel Essential list is looking like!

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