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Last Minute Jamaica Carnival Trip Prep

T-Minus 2 days. As I mentioned in my prior blog, I am currently preparing for my trip to Jamaica for their carnival and I am living and breathing my 6 step plan and prep list.. When I wrote my last post “How to prep and plan for your vacation” post, I was in the Finalize Details stage. At that point, I was ensuring that all my reservations were confirmed, tickets were paid for, flight information was correct, costume balance paid off, etc. Now that the time as dwindled down and I’m officially 2 days away from paradise, I am in the last minute prep stage, which thus far has been hectic. This is one reason why I didn’t post last Friday, but it was mainly because I wanted to document the trip prep stage for you all, since I knew most of my last minute prep would happen from Friday to Tuesday, April 3rd.

Usually, I’d pack for vacation the a few days to 1 week before,, but this time around I started packing around 2 weeks prior to my trip. I was 90% packed 1 week prior to my trip and 95% packed by the Friday before this trip. To me the most tedious part of packing is the last minute laundry and tailoring of clothing, packing up skincare products, makeup products, jewelry and accessories, etc. Because all the skincare and hygiene products are part of my daily routine, I have to wait till the day before to pack them and I’m always afraid I’ll forget something. And since I am only doing a carry-on, it made packing that much harder. Not only did I have to ensure that all my clothes and shoes fit, but I had to make sure that all the liquids I brought were 3.4 oz or under and could fit in one ziplock bag. Packing up your life for 10 days and putting it in a carry-on and backpack was challenging, especially if you’re a master at overpacking like I am. To make matters worst, I completely forgot to get two of my outfits tailored and had to rush to get it done Thursday, but they were luckily done by Saturday. I, unfortunately did have to rearrange my suitcase to fit those outfits plus the last minute clothes I washed like underwear and socks. However, I can report that as of today, Monday April 2nd, I am 100% packed and worried that I forgot something… but packed, nonetheless.

The next process to tackle was anything beauty related. There is a wide range of things that need to get done, especially as a women. Nobody wants to go on vacation looking busted. My beauty transformation for vacation started with a laser removal appt at Alda Laser Hair by Albina, that was conveniently and strategically scheduled about a week away from my vacation. It went semi-smoothly but it is out the way. Next up was getting my lashes done by Bellelash (@mybellelash on instagram). I’ve never gotten my lashes done before, but I always wanted to do it. I was originally scheduled for a Sunday appointment for this place in the city, but ended up changing it to Friday, because I found a black owned business nearby my house. Lashes take about an hour and 20 minutes to do, so its important to make sure you give yourself enough time. Furthermore, lashes can’t get wet for 48 hours or else it affects the glue, so if you plan on doing them for vacation, make sure you do them a few days prior. Next on the agenda was my facial at Vedette Laser Spa by Kyon. I am someone who suffers from acne, so I get facials religiously every month. And this was no exception. The last two beauty errands on my list are probably the most important... my hair and nails. As I write this, neither of them are done, but I promise I am not leaving the country looking busted. My hair is getting done today, once I get off work. And my nails are getting done tomorrow, once I get off work. I decided to go with crochet twist for my hair, because I needed something that was quick, easy and can get wet, as my hair is the last thing I want to worry about on this trip. As for my nails, I haven’t decided the color yet, but I am doing gel polish on my nails and toes, because I find that they last longer, especially since my feet will be getting wet a lot. Now, as someone who works a 9-5 Monday to Friday, it's often hard to find the time to run your last minute errands without taking a complete day off. It makes getting your vacation errands done that much harder, but you MUST plan ahead. Although , all my errands aren’t complete yet, I don’t feel overwhelmed, because I planned ahead and I was able to deal with any obstacles or changes that came up. Depending on the person, your trip prep stage can range from seamless to complete chaos, it's all about how to prepare.

Once all my errands are done and bags packed, I can check-in to my flight 24 hours before. I have to make sure to have my passport and all travel information, including KTN number and frequent flier program number, when checking in, because they will ask you for that information. This is the time I usually choose my seat, but I chose and purchased an even more space beforehand. I made sure to to triple check any information I input when checking in, because the last thing I want is to have any issues with TSA or Immigration & Customs. Once I’m checked in I typically print my boarding pass, travel itinerary and put it together with your passport and any other documents I need for my trip, including reservation confirmations, receipts, and party tickets. Additionally, I always carry at least one black or blue ink pen with me, for custom documents or luggage tags. Remember to take out your vacation cash prior so you don’t have to do it in the airport, because that fee is serious. I’ve been a victim of it before. Finally, it's time for good night's sleep, so you don’t miss your flight, but if you’re like me, you’re probably too excited to sleep. Whether I get a good night’s sleep or not, I will be leaving my house 1:30 to 2 hours prior to flight departure so I can get through security, have breakfast and relax till boarding. The next time you all will hear from me I’ll be in Jamaica flinging it up in front di people business place.

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