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december 24th - January 2nd


The Year of the Return has passed and you wished you were there with everyone one else living it up in Ghana. You promised yourself you wouldn't miss it next year. Don't break that promise! 


Join Black Travel Worldwide as we head to Ghana for Beyond the Return. Return to the motherland and dive into her rich history while bringing in the holidays in a melanin rich country. With this package, we combine an educational and immersive experience with the ultimate #blackgirlmagic #blackboyjoy turn up lituation.

It's the best of both worlds. 


Day 1


An air conditioned vehicle will be waiting for us at the airport to take us straight to our private villa. Once everyone is settled in, our Ghana trip commences with a Christmas Eve party. Get to know your fellow travelers and prepare yourself for an EPIC 10 days in Ghana.

Day 2

Wander through the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Independence Square and W.E.B. DuBois Centre to learn about the Pan African culture, the history of Gold Coast and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. In the afternoon we visit the Arts Centre, where you can watch the production of weaving baskets and other handcrafts. 

After a day of exploring, we spend the night together celebrating Christmas with a Christmas dinner/ Secret Santa.

Day 3

Today, we show out! The experience we've all been waiting for. Put on your best African print/ African inspired clothing and we make our way to AFROCHELLA to celebrate Afro culture. 

For those of us who are still pumped from Afrochella, we venture out to experience Ghana's nightlife

Day 4


Today is for you to do as you please. 

Ghana nightlife Part 2!

Day 5

 Visit the Kakum National Park, which is one of the famous national parks in Ghana. Enjoy the view from the Canopy Walkway over 7 bridges & tree tops at 40m height. Stop at Elmina and watch the busy and colorful fishing harbor! Continue to Cape Coast Castle, which was used to hold slaves before they were loaded onto ships and sold in the Americas, especially the Caribbean. 

Day 6

Start your day with a guided walking tour through Jamestown and watch the busy and colourful fishing harbour. Wander around the Makola Market and learn about Ghanaian cooking ingredients and spices! Later we participate in a Ghanaian cooking class. After learning about local cuisine we enjoy a local meal together!

Day 7

First we visit the Assin Manso Slave River.  Then we visit a typical Ghanaian village close to Cape Coast. Be welcomed by the elders of the village and watch a typical cultural performance by the women and children of the village.  You will be guided to the vegetable farm and the cocoa plantation, which is the main source of income for the village population. Get a taste of the typical village life in Ghana while fetching water from the nearby river. Visit the school project and say good bye to your new family before we continue our way back to Accra.

Day 8


Today is for you to do as you please. 

After a day to ourselves, we bring in the New Year as a squad!  

Day 9


Now that we rang in the New Year properly, it's time to relax and enjoy a day at Krokobite beach. End off our last day with a themed farewell dinner. One last night of turn -up before we head back home. 

Day 10

Our group will enjoy one last breakfast before we say goodbye to our home for the last 10 days. Take in some last minute sightseeing or shopping before our private transport takes us to the airport for our flight home. 


Accommodations in Private Villa*

Daily Breakfast

Christmas Eve Party

Christmas Dinner

Themed Farewell Party

Roundtrip Airport Transportation

Roundtrip Ground Transportation to listed events

Afrochella Festival VIP Tickets

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

Independence Square

W.E.B Dubois Square

Kakum National Park

Cape Coast Castle

Elmina Fishing Harbor

Naming Ceremony

Jamestown Walking Tour

Makola Market

Ghanaian Cooking Class

Assin Manso Slave River

Cocoa Farm Visit

 Ghanaian Village Visit

Beach Day at Krokobite Beach

BTW Goodie Bag



International Airfare*

Ground Transportation Not Listed

Meals Not Listed (most lunches/dinners)

Nightlife expenses

Excursions Not Listed


Travel Insurance**

Visa, Passport & Baggage Fees

*Double Occupancy (King Bed or Twin Beds). 


**All activities are subjected to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as cancellations or weather conditions

*Airfare Assistance can be provided, if requested


**Travel Insurance can be provided, if requested.

Pricing Information

Total Price: $2500*


  1. $150* Deposit + balance split into monthly payments/customized payments (final payment due Nov 1st)

  2. $300* Deposit + balance split into monthly payments/customized payments (final payment due Nov 1st)

  3. FULL PAYMENT - Discounted Rate of $2400*



Important Information

Visas: Citizens from United States of America are required to obtain a visa prior to arrival. If you are not from the U.S, please ensure whether you need a visa or if you are visa exempt. Click here to find additional details specific to your country. 

Vaccinations: All visitors to Ghana are required to show their yellow fever vaccination certificate on arrival. If you are unable to get one in your home country, you can get a vaccination shot in the airport at a surcharge. However, this is a last resort, as there is some uncertainty with taking this method. We'd rather you not risk your trip and money, so it'd be best to try and get it in your home country first. Click here to find a list of clinics where you can get your shot, as well as other vaccinations you can get prior to traveling to Ghana. If you are allergic to the vaccine or can't get it for other medical reasons, you should be able to provide a waiver from your doctor. We recommend going to your primary care physician first before you get any vaccinations.

Terms  & Conditions


By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read this registration form completely and thoroughly and confirm that the information provided is accurate. By agreeing to these terms, you are also acknowledging that you have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the day of your return. Black Travel Worldwide is not responsible if you are denied entry onto your flight due to improper documentation. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa paperwork, if needed, as it is dependent on your country of citizenship.

Trip Requirements​

A negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of the departure date is required for ALL travelers, no exception. If you begin to feel sick after a test is taken but before the departure date, please notify us immediately. 

Travel Insurance is mandatory for EVERY traveler, no exception. Due to the unstable nature of travel at the moment, Black Travel Worldwide is making it a requirement to purchase travel insurance, at the time of booking, for ALL of our trips. We want to ensure all of our travelers are protected and covered in the case of emergency. If there is anything Covid has taught us, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

We can provide you with travel insurance or you can get it on your own and submit proof of purchase. If the credit card you use to purchase the trip provides you with travel insurance, you'd simply have to submit proof. 


  Payment & Refunds

A minimum deposit of $150 is required at time of booking until May 1st. After May 1st, the deposit amount will be increased. Registration will remain open until completely sold out. After that point a waiting list will be created for those interested, in case of drop outs.  If you submit a registration form without a deposit, your spot WILL NOT be reserved. You will have 24 hours from submission of deposit to request a refund. Once the 24 hour window is up, absolutely no refunds will be processed. All deposits (after 24 hour window) and/or payments made are 100% non-refundable. No exceptions! Monthly payments will be due on the 15th of each month. Once you receive your invoice for the month you will have 7 days from the date the invoice was sent to make the payment, or else your spot will be forfeited. If for any reason you cannot make a payment within the allotted time frame, you MUST contact us within that 7 day period. You will be given ONE exception, if we are contacted within the 7 day period. If you contact us outside the 7 day period, your spot is automatically forfeited. If you have two instances where payment cannot be made within the 7 day period, you will forfeit your spot.


Participating in the monthly installment program is a courtesy offered by Black Travel Worldwide, and if you opt to cancel in the future, there will be no refunds issued, and the total balance owed will be due in full at the time of cancellation. If a guest cannot make the trip, you can transfer your spot to another person and they will be responsible for continued payments towards the package. Your balance must be paid in full by November 5th. If the balance is not paid in full, you will forfeit your spot and a refund WILL NOT be processed. All payments are non-refundable. No exceptions!

Third Party Suppliers

Since we work with third party vendors, we are beholden to them and whatever issues that may affect them. This is the number one reason why all payments are non-refundable. The cost of your reservation may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, political issues, tour cancellations, etc. If for any reason we must change the price, you will be notified. If the new price is higher than the original price and as a result, you chose to opt out of the trip, we will allow a refund to be processed. 

  Travel Insurance

Black Travel Worldwide highly recommends purchasing cancel for any reason travel insurance at time of deposit. Since all payments are non-refundable, if anything happens such as cancellation, you'll be able to get your money back, if you purchase a cancel for any reason policy. We can provide you with a quote for travel insurance at time of booking. 


Are you an open-minded person who enjoys experiencing new cultures and participating in new experiences?

Do you get along with people from different backgrounds than yourself?

Are you okay with opening, conversing with and interacting with both your fellow travelers?

Are you down to travel the world with a group of like-minded individuals like yourself?

Are you excited about immersing yourself in the local culture and interacting with locals?

Are you up for good vibes and a little adventure? 

Are you someone who can roll with the punches and go with the flow?

If you answered yes to these questions, please proceed to fill out the registration form.​

If you answered no to any of these questions, this trip may not be for you.

How To Register


The registration form is currently only open to those subscribed to our mailing list and prior BTW travelers. If you submit a form and are not subscribe or a prior BTW traveler, an invoice will not be sent. After March 9th, we will open up the remaining spots to the general public.

Please complete form below to register. This is simply a reservation request. Your spot is not confirmed until payment is received and a confirmation email is sent  

By submitting this form, you agree to all terms & conditions listed above. 

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