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About Us

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

We are Aleah and Kiera Coy, the two women behind Black Travel Worldwide. Two cousins who share the same love for travel and wanted to share their experiences with the world.  It originally started as an instagram sharing our travel adventures around the world, but quickly became more than we imagined. From just an instagram page to the addition of a website, the ultimate goal for Black Travel Worldwide is to show black people that we can travel the world and there are plenty of opportunities for our people to do so. We also hoped to create a forum for black travelers to get and exchange travel advice, suggestions, and information, in effort to disperse as much information to as much people as possible. The world wasn’t created so beautifully for us to not witness its wonders and it is a pity that many black people haven’t. It is important for us to use BTW as a means for people of color to access travel in a way that they would have never imagined. From a blog to a travel agency, we are continuously working to spread the wonders of travel to people of color and create opportunities for those same people to travel as freely as they wish. 

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